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Polar Pine Wooden Cladding
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Polar Pine Wooden Cladding

249 $/метр куб.
Условия поставки: EXW Киров
Денисов Дмитрий
на Флагма с 11 июля 2018


A softwood cladding timber 16x135 mm or 21x135 mm particularly suited for exterior or interior works. Our Russian Polar Timber T&G Cladding is equally popular with self-builders, architects and construction companies due to its aesthetic beauty, durability and longevity.

Profile: T&G (tongue and groove)
Wood Species: Polar Pine (Kirov Region, Russia)
Grade Overview: Extra, A/B, AB mixed or even C
Moisture: kiln-dried up to 10-12%
Length: 2000-6000 mm
Volume of Supply per Month: from 40 m3 up to 300 m3
No insect attack is permissible!

This price is given EXW, Kirov, Russia. But we can deliver internationally FCA: 20-tonnes trucks by land or 40-feet containers by sea.

WoodGroup is a russian construction company since 2013 founded in Kirov, Russia.

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на Флагма с 11 июля 2018

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