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Halal Beef/veal/mutton/lamb
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Добавлено: 8 сентября 2020, 08:20

Halal Beef/veal/mutton/lamb

3.40 $/килограмм
Вернигоров Григорий
менеджер ВЭД
,  Магнитогорск, RU
на Флагма с 20 ноября 2018


LLC «MyasCo», which is situated on the South-West of the Russian Federation, offers to
Your company wholesale supplies of ecologically clean steppe beef and lamb.
The primary livestock processing plant of LLC "Myasko" was put into operation in
November 2013 and has the most modern equipment (production in the USA, Europe, etc.),
which allows you to get the final product with high European quality. The state veterinary
laboratory is located on the territory of the plant, which issues all permits and accompanying
documentation. All products are certified.
The capacity of the slaughterhouse is 20 tons per day of products. All products can be
delivered both chilled and frozen. Freezing is performed in cold rooms on special equipment
using shock freezing.
Cattle for the plant are supplied only from the steppe, where the steppe method of fattening
is used accordingly. Thus, produced by the plant of "MyasCo" meat is considered
environmentally friendly. The company produces boneless meat, which has a beautiful
appearance in modern packaging.
Myasko LLC offers beef and lamb:
a. half-carcasses and quarters of bulls or cows
b. carcasses of lamb
c. Beef or lamb Cuts
d. boneless meat (vacuum Packed or in a gas environment)
The company is also ready to make the necessary cutting based on your requirements.
Delivery in carcasses is possible.
Our company supplies meat to the largest chain retailers in Russia (Magnit, Lenta, OK,
Metro Cash & Carry), the Russian army.
Our company received the 8th Metro Quality Award in the category "Best supplier of
2015". We are the 3rd Russian agriculture exporter in South Russia. The biggest exporter lamb
meat in Iran with share near 30% of market.

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,  Магнитогорск, RU
на Флагма с 20 ноября 2018

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