BDA Series Unheated Chemical Air Dryers
BDA Series Unheated Chemical Air Dryers - photo 1 BDA Series Unheated Chemical Air Dryers - photo 2
Posted: 12 November 2019, 10:45

BDA Series Unheated Chemical Air Dryers

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Unheated Type Chemical Dryers
The condensation point of the Bold BDA Series unheated type chemical dryers is - 40 oC stable, (-70 oC optional). These dryers are suitable for the applications which need to blow clean and dry air. You should use Bold input and output filters with dryers. bhis ensures that the compressed air is clean and the moisture trap in the product is protected. The reliable electronic controller on the product guarantees perfect operation. BDA non-heating type chemical dryers are equipped with special valves and high quality dehumidifiers. Besides these properties, these products are chemical dryers with the least pressure drop in the market.

Functioning Principle
These double- tank products are separating uninterruptedly the water in the compressed air due to their humidity holder which is resistant to high hygroscopic impact and a large surface area/mass.

During the drying process, while one tank is drying the compressed air, 18% of the dry air is transferred through an orifice to the other tank providing the regeneration of this tank. No heater is used during regeneration.

The tank, where there is the dehumidifier saturated with humidity, is dried using the super dry air at atmospheric pressure. The speed at which the mufflers blow out the air (according to the chewing to be set) can be adjusted according to the condition of the dryer.
The super-dry air enters the tank filled with the wet dehumidifier in the opposite direction, thereby separating the previously held water from the dehumidifier. BDA type dryers equalize the pressure before changing the pressure. The formation of pressure fluctuation in the line and wear of the moisture trap are thus prevented. It is re-pressurized from the tank before it starts to retain moisture. The weather at the moment of the silencers release moisture and at the moment of readjustment is from the top down in the tank, whereas the air at the time of drying is the opposite.

BDA series chemical dryers have a highly reliable electronic controller and therefore operate perfectly throughout their service life. These dryers with PLC have a touch screen interface and can display both cycles and valve movements in real time. They also have the ability to show condensation point (optional). By the help of user-friendly and multi-language PLC, the end user can easily detect any malfunctions that may occur

Active Alumina
Bold Chemical dryers are using humidity holder chemicals with a very special content mixture which provides obtaining a stable condensation point. These chemicals are active alumina and/ or molecular sieve and/ or silica gel and are chosen according to the application.

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