Mutton (export of lamb to UAE)
Mutton (export of lamb to UAE) - фото 1 Mutton (export of lamb to UAE) - фото 2
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Mutton (export of lamb to UAE)

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Наукан Асхат
ZTS, ТОО,  Алматы, KZ
на Флагма с 23 января 2018


ZTS TRANS LLP exports lamb to UAE. Lambs up to 18 months-males 70%, females-30% (without lambing) from 12-20 kg in carcasses. More than 10 years of experience in the export of similar products to countries such as China, Iran, Vietnam, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and others. The meat is exported without the fat tail, and offal from certified slaughterhouses of Iran, is slaughtered according to HALAL standards.
We can also offer meat exports from Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. We export live sheep. Terms of delivery FCA, FOB, DAP. The prices are competitive, and we are interested in long-term cooperation. WhatsApp, Viber
Sincerely yours, Naukan Askhat Director of ZTS TRANS LLP

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ZTS, ТОО,  Алматы, KZ
на Флагма с 23 января 2018
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