Halal Meat Beef wholesale export

Halal Meat Beef wholesale export
Halal Meat Beef wholesale export
Halal Meat Beef wholesale export, фото 2
Halal Meat Beef wholesale export, фото 3
Halal Meat Beef wholesale export, фото 4
Оптом: 3-3.85 $/тонна, мин. 20 т
Условия поставки: FCA Львов
Захид Кристина, sales manager
на Флагма с 30 марта 2017

We offer Halal Boneless Beef Meat (bulls under 2 years):
- chilled/frozen boneless beef in cuts: neck, shoulder, rib, striploin, shank, brisket, topside, knuckle, tenderloin, rump, flank, silverside, etc.;
- individual vacuum packaging+cardboard boxes.

Agrosoyuz-Zahid is a Ukrainian enterprise that deals with the meat industry over 14 years.
Our company is located in Western Ukraine and has four slaughtering houses which enable us to produce 500-700 MT of finished product monthly. The production, packaging, freezing, storage, and loading of goods take place in Lviv.
We offer high-quality and 100% natural beef and lamb. All animals are raised in in the ecologically clean mountain area.
We wholesale and export our goods worldwide including countries of Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
All our products are available with strictly controlled Halal, ISO, HACCP certification

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