Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic

Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic
Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic
Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic, photo 2
Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic, photo 3
Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic, photo 4
Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic, photo 5
Retail price: $8.90 / kilogram
Wholesale: $6.98-7.20 / kilogram, min. 2500 kg
Delivery terms: CPT Dubai
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Meat: Lamb chilled 100% Hahlal 100% Organic
• Meat obtained from healthy sheep males, at the age of not exceeding 18 months | without the sciatic part and the weight of each carcass in the range from 23 to 25 kg
• The meat fit for human consumption and not contain preservatives, color dyes and/or chemical products of any type, and no kind of antibiotics not use for treatment at least 4 weeks before slaughtering.
• The Goods kept in the chilling room for 24 to 72 hours. The temperature of the chilling room kept from 0 to 4°C.
• The permissible natural loss of goods (shrinkage) not exceed 1.5%.
• Goods sends according to the Health Requirements for Import Chilled Lamb Meat from Kazakhstan to other countries

We provide the following documents to the Buyer:
• Certificate of origin: issued and/or signed by Kazakhstani chamber of Commerce and Industry;
• Veterinary certificate: issued and/or certified by the authorized body of Kazakhstan, and
signed by the representatives IVO, confirming that the products fit for human consumption;
• Certificate of Islamic slaughter signed by approved religious representative in Kazakhstan;
Price :
FCA 5.4$
DAP Airport Almaty 5.54$
CPT Airport Dubai 7 $
Quantity: 1 Party (3000,00 kg)
1 week 3 party = 9000 kg/per week

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