Tomato Paste 25% Ukraine Origin
Canned Tomato Paste 25%, different packing – pyramid type, glass jar 350, 450 g, doypack 140g, bucket 1000g and 5000g, steel and polymer...
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Corporation, UA
Ford F-150 3,5L XLT V6 4×4 Sport 2018
$50,000 / единица
Ford F-150 3,5L XLT V6 4×4 Sport 2018 / For export from Dubai
HADES International, FZE, Dubai
Wheat and Corn Flour
Dry products - Wheat Flour, Corn Flour – any Qty (superior Grade and others) packaging in polypropylene sacks 25 or 50 kg and paper packages...
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Corporation, UA
Honey products
Honey and Honey products: propolis, bee-bread, uterine milk, beeswax.. all Ukraine Origin Mr. Angel Malinovski Ukraine Office | Kiev - Odessa |
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Corporation, UA
Feed for animals and birds
Feed – Sunflowerseed Oilcake, Linseed Oilcake, Rapeseed Oilcake. Corn cake, Soyabean meal and cake, oat, Wheat bran pellets, Soyabean and...
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Corporation, UA
Beet Sugar Ukraine Origin
Beet Sugar Ukraine Origin Any Qty... Mr. Angel Malinovski Ukraine Office-Kiev
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Corporation, UA
2018 Toyota Hilux 4.0L Double Cab TRD (4x4)
Toyota Hilux 2018 4.0L Double Cab TRD (4x4) - Specs -37,200$ Engine Capacity (liters) 4.0 Cylinders 6 Drive Type All Wheel Drive Fuel Tank...
HADES International, FZE, Dubai
$720 / t FCA
Supplies of Green Mug Beans from Uzbekistan. Low prices. High...
Sunflower oil
We produce sunflower oil for export. The factory produces unrefined sunflower oil for export, the highest grade (cold pressing). Large abimas...
StatusGroup, PE, UA
250 / t FOB  250-295 / t wholesale
Selling lucerne (alfalfa) granulated in big bags - 1000 kg or in...
Igromas, SL, ES
$135 / cu m FCA
Pine timber from Ukraine. Contact for details.
ПКП ПромКомплекс, LLC, UA
. The company sells natural honey from Ukraine. In the market since 1993, since 2000 the company has significantly increased the export of...
Моринфо, LLC, UA
Natural pure mountain honey "Kyrgyz Honey"
$7 / kg FCA  $3.60-4 / kg wholesale
Natural mountain honey is collected in ecologically clean mountainous...
Aman-Greenfood, LLC, KG
Only wholesale supply !!!! our company has 20 years of experience as a specialized wholesale company for the supply of spare parts for new...
We sell cereal crops: wheat, corn, barley, millet, wheat, soybeans (soy), sunflower. There is also flour, oil, and other agricultural...
Кловер Груп, LLC, UA
Foundry pig iron
Dh 395-400 / t wholesale FOB
This supplier also supports L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T payments for offline...
Менькова ж.г., SP, RU
Natural mountain honey "Kyrgyz Honey"
$7 / kg FCA  $3.60-4 / kg wholesale
Natural mountain honey is collected in ecologically clean mountainous...
Aman-Greenfood, LLC, KG
We sell for export sunflower oil refined and unrefined, origin Ukraine. The minimum batch is 2000 MT / month. Annual contract. Payment is a...
Кловер Груп, LLC, UA
Bog oak
$15,000 / cu m FOB  $8,000-12,000 / cu m wholesale
Group companies resident in different countries with the joint...
Дгч Сириус, LLC, UA
Meat: Lamb chilled Halal Organic
$8.90 / kg CPT  $6.98-7.20 / kg wholesale
Meat: Lamb chilled 100% Hahlal 100% Organic • Meat obtained from...
Asia Sugar Trading, LLPlLimited liability company (ТОО), KZ
Flagmа* Available in 51 countries